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Financial Technology


It has been said that the combination of events leading up to 2008 precipitated a “perfect storm” in financial services. We are seeing a changing of the guard with the rapid rise of new firms working with and within the sector. Unravelling the antecedents of the crisis provides the backdrop, and understanding something of economics, finance, technology, government policy, regulation, strategy and importantly social and customer trends helps us understand the future where innovation is accelerating change. Technology has always been a driver of growth and innovation in business but none more so than in the financial services sector. In this 25 learning hours, the participant will learn how the financial services sector has historically relied upon technological innovation and how products and the services are now being shaped and transformed by evolving digital technologies and new entrants. The participant will learn to understand what is driving the emergence of a new breed of business, the technologies these are based on, the solutions emerging to a range of customer and the business challenges.