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Advanced Customer Service Skills


Customer satisfaction is the critical enabler for up-selling, cross-selling and retention strategies, ‎and customer service is their key sales channel. On the other hand, effective channel shifting ‎strategies and continuous productivity improvements in retail outlet operations are essential ‎building blocks of efficiency programs.‎ On the other hand, customer service is facing unprecedented challenges, Product/service offerings ‎are rapidly evolving (pre-paid vs. Post-paid, mobile broadband & smartphones, …), increasing the ‎complexity of customer needs and queries. Adding to this, the customers have become more ‎demanding, expecting always-available support services and prompt solutions over a range of ‎different channels (face-to-face, or telephone, etc...). ‎ In today's high-tech and demanding consumer market, customer service is mission critical. When ‎customers are ‘happy’, they're likely to spend more on your services and will call again. When ‎customer service representatives understand their role in this, they will keep customers coming ‎back.‎ This Five-day Customer Service Training will give new and experienced service providers a ‎toolbox of skills, for effectively and efficiently handling all types of customer service interactions.