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Advanced Strategic Human Resources Management


As organizations become more complex, and as business processes further denote the connection between human and monetary capital, leaders and managers tasked with HR oversight must have a focused, particular skillset to guide the best interest of the company while leading the department. Designed with human resources professionals in mind—individuals experienced in the field who have their sights set on leading human resources teams and excelling in the field—this specialized studies program provides an intensive examination of the scope of demands placed on HR leadership, and the marriage of strategic and tactical HR practices. Also addressed are traditional structures and emerging trends, business collaboration and integration, organizational structures as relating to HR planning, and the ways in which talented HR professionals can best prepare themselves to take on leadership roles within HR. This advanced training series in Strategic Human Resources Management has been designed to enable participants to develop their HR skills at a strategic level, exploring key areas including recruitment, performance management, talent management, and succession planning. The programme is ideal for senior HR professionals and functional managers looking to elevate Human Resources Management (HRM) to a more strategic role within their organisation.