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The Highly Productive and Effective Administrator


Organizations are experiencing rapid changes which are creating several challenges to modern administrators. Most notably is the need for administrators to absorb more workload and improve the quality of output. This course will equip you with precise strategies which will lift your productivity and effectiveness to new levels. You will learn how to spot and take advantage of opportunities for streamlining and simplifying work processes. You will also gain self-direction and self-management skills needed to propel your career and help your department and organization. You will also develop and practice a variety of thinking abilities such as logical, analytical, critical and creative. Moreover, in this course you will appreciate and take advantage of the power of positive attitude which will help you develop proactive 'can-do' strategies. You will also devise strategies to build an excellent relationship with your manager and colleagues and to deal with conflict at the workplace. Furthermore, you will discover the extent to which emotional intelligence can assist you in expanding your horizon, managing yourself and people around you. Finally, this course will provide you with highly needed action plans for improving your competencies in planning, prioritizing and organizing